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PR News and EMail Marketing

The concept of marketing goes hand in hand with the business. The success of any business to large extent depends upon the type and tools of marketing. Marketing has come a long way, and is natural to change and adapt to new trends. With the technology intercepting our life in an enormous way it is hard to ignore the latest trends of marketing. Email marketing has become the latest tool for marketing, which is easy, direct, and cheap. Email marketing, with its fruitful attribute is a spontaneous vehicle to reach to a large section of people, across the world, within a span of time. Its hard to ignore the benefits of email marketing.

Email has captivated a huge no of users and is growing steadily ahead, although there are some noises of it depreciating. Research shows that email users will accommodate half of the world’s population by 2020. So, the future of email marketing is quite promising, and hence companies should not shy away from it. Although the trend will keep changing and modifying regarding the matter, concept, and presentation of email. The content of email will become more trendy and beautiful to hold the attention of the users.

Email marketing at its simplest form is like a letter that was posted in earlier days, the difference is only of its being short and technology driven or delivered online. The business companies are saving a large chunk of their investment by using emails for advertising. Other than the price factor emails can be easily organised and traced and pursued. Audience can be selected and targeted in the campaign, thereby avoiding humdrum advertising. Unlike social media emails are direct and more reachable. People can ignore social media, but email sent is there in the mail box, and can either be rejected or seen, thereby assimilating the targeted audience, and reducing the uninterested ones.

Bulk Email Service

Bulk email service is organically the process of sending, distributing emails at a span of time to large number of targeted consumers. The process allows a one-time distribution of emails across a large audience effectively. This way of Bulk email service is an effective and cheap tool for advertising.It begins as a request or an invitation mail wherein the consumers can either select the option of opt-in/opt out. After which the main advertising segment begins. Once the consumers have assured the invitation, the email sending begins on regular intervals. The frequency of sending emails is also an important aspect to gain optimization and hold on audiences. Flooding the inbox with emails is one of the fallacies that companies should avoid. The content and designing of emails is also an important aspect in grasping the attention of audience.

Bulk email service provider

A company must hire or employ a bulk service provider for effecting deployment of emails. A bulk service provider has defined and ascertained sets of functions to ensure effective delivery of emails. There are certain functions that are carried out by the bulk email service provider that guarantees the success of distribution of email.

  • The bulk email service provider arranges a tracking system that shows the status of email sent to every recipient, as to whether the mail has been seen or not.
  • It reduces or shortens the list of those who have unsubscribed it, there by arranging a more explicit list of recipients.
  • It designs and gauges email to the subscribed targeted audience at regular intervals. The templates are catchy and explicit.
  • It also guides the company in analysing the audiences and taking out the desired information.
  • Lastly it helps to gauge the success rate of email sent, by statistically reviewing each email sent, thereby measuring the success rate of campaign.
  • By designing it specifically and organically it also helps to prevent and eliminate spam, which is the most viral attack on bulk email service.

The bulk email service provider is an essential part of the business decorum. Since the need is recognized by the business organizations, there are lot if companies established, in the market providing email marketing. To sustain in the neck-throat competition these companies offer innovative and easy accessible tools to lure the business organization. Bangalore being the silicon town and a hub of IITs and start-ups have many companies offering bulk email service. There are many email marketing companies in Bangalore, who are effectively providing service to business organization. Selecting and choosing the right company for email service is a tricky choice for the business organizations. A lot of advertisement and promises are circulated to confuse them. However, few points could help them to sail through the selection process. The organizations must evaluate the existing customers reviews, their technology regarding the software, and the authenticity of the company. The reviews of other companies will show the effectiveness and assurance of email provider. The status of software in suspending and releasing of email is the most critical factor, and lastly whether the provider will keep safe the data of its consumers from its contemporaries.