Why is Digital Marketing the Need of The Hour

Let us understand the process of buying before we step into the big question. When you want to buy something, what do you do? You research about the product and see all the possibilities and then select it. We Indians are great sucker of doing research. We don’t buy anything without taking opinions of people who have used it.

You must be aware of the earlier times when your parents would take opinion of relatives. But now it is all available on internet with star ratings. So, while searching online if one does not find your service or product, would the offline marketing strategy make any sense or be of any use? You are right, Of course, not!

I am sure you may make a decent money without entering the digital market, however, this also is a fact that you have been missing out on the online customers. India is emerging as one of the largest communities engaged in internet-based devices. The world market is turning to India, and you sure would not like to miss tapping this enormous community.

When you are in business, you are not the sole seller and your competitors are tapping the same market as well. So, what happens? You surely would not want to let them rule without you participating and giving them a run for their money. Let us see how Digital marketing can help you boost your business.

  1. Vast audience

India is the second most populated country in the world after China. Though it is not something we need to flaunt about, but we surely need to tap this people abundance factor in our favour. With almost uninterrupted internet facility, we are all, especially the youth glued on to our mobiles.

We are dependent on their device for basically everything. With the click we can have access to almost everything. So why not as a business, you make use of this audience, and present your product on this medium.

Why not come into the space of digital marketing and enjoy the perks of business. Yes, but don’t expect anything to come easy. You need to be very smart and efficient to make a better impact than your competitors.

  1. Super return on investment- ROI

You must be knowing the cost of advertising at different levels and at different mediums. A small advertisement in newspaper or video on television could cost you a fortune. Inspite of the high cost, you will not be sure about the impact and the result of the advertisement as it is not particularly directed to your target segment.

I would not like to discourage these mediums as they are great in their own sphere, but I would surely want to justify my point. You can enjoy the digital presence for your product or service free or with minimum cost. Apart from having the power to direct your ads to your particular target segment, you also have the flexibility to increase or decrease the momentum of campaign, and save money, that may get wasted otherwise.

If you calculate the cost of digital marketing vs the number of targeted audience your product/service is getting exposed to, you would be delighted, as to how much you have saved and the high returns you are getting with less investment.

  1. Follow consumer action/behaviour

With other mediums, you have no clue about your marketing. But with digital marketing you can track/trace your consumers. There are several tools available which can help you trace your audiences. What will happen by tracing them….well, you can analyse their behaviour and can

  • Customize your campaigning pattern and strategy
  • Present what audiences want
  • Understand their needs better thereby increasing conversion

So many leads are lost because of not understanding the mindset or behaviour of customers. Tapping the mindset of consumers is the real art of marketing and digital marketing tools helps in best possible way to get that job done.

Digital marketing helps you to keep on adding new customers to your list apart from retaining the old ones. The adding and retaining both are necessary and good for your business. At the same time, you are exposed to a series of methods and tools that can help improve the marketing efficiency of your product and services.


  1. Higher conversions

You must have seen how people order just clicking with their thumb within few seconds. Now imagine across India, if people are clicking for your product/service how much sale will you gain. On the other hand, imagine people coming to your shop, how many can you handle physically. Even if you manage you cannot match the sales. This is the truth of digital marketing.

You have already secured your sale with a click, that too across the city/state/country depending upon the reach of you campaign. With your campaign you become a brand. People can know you by your presence on social media and other platforms.

You can pitch your campaign during seasons and get high conversions. As is already clear in the marketing scenario, that there are some high and some lean periods. You can always make most of the high periods with robust campaigning.

The energetic campaigning of Amazon and Flipkart is known to all during festive season. And their high sales are also clearly visible. This is all possible because of digital marketing. Did you imagine 10 years back that Indians will buy everything online?

  1. Customized

When we have such a vast audience it is not easy to handle them. You need to customize according to the need of your consumers. Once you have segregated your customers, you can send customized messages to them. Emailers about your latest services and products to regular visitors; Facebook post to your specific audiences are few examples.

Once the customers begins to engage with your brand, you can turn them into loyal customers, by presenting them special offers from time to time. This is one process of retaining the customers and building relationship with the customers. Customer relationship marketing is an important part of digital marketing.

Adaption and innovation are the two most important factor of an aspiring business. Can you climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket? Surely not! take your hands off the cosines and climb the ladder of success with digital marketing steps.

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