Tiny Town is a day care and preschool in Whitefield. It offers a good environment, co-operative staff, good care and food for children from 6 months to 6 years. It is a very well-constructed school complete with all amenities required for a day care.


With the rise of the nuclear family and working couples, the need for daycare has become a necessity, giving rise to the development of many daycare and preschool around. But parents are very careful in choosing the day care for their child and needs a lot of convincing. We needed to target young parents and convince them about the facilities provided by Tiny Town.


When it comes to young educated parents and their children, you must plan a very authentic and powerful marketing strategy. As parents are very cautious and vigilant about the school they are going to choose. They do a lot of research and leave no stone unturned.

So, the first strategy was creating a trust and conversation with parents, that is possible only be creating an authentic website that states all the facilities the child can enjoy. We also incorporated reviews and experience of other parents. As parents are more convinced by other parents.

Parents are always curious with a lot of queries, and we wanted to answer all their queries by our chat services, available from Monday-Friday.

A competent SEO was incorporated to increase footfall on the website, and during admission season we also made use of google AdWords and PPC.

Since our reach was limited to the Whitefield area, it was best to advertise on the Facebook group of Whitefield, and what’s app. This medium could help reach the young mothers who could enquire about the day care.

Email marketing was also incorporated by sending messages of new batches and offers for early bird admission at regular intervals.

We posted live videos of children enjoying the school, giving a peekaboo into the school environment.


With our good and effective marketing strategies, Tiny Town received good numbers of admission. They also became a popular brand name in Whitefield.