Suyash PG



Suyash PG offers to pay guest facilities to people coming from other areas to Bangalore for studies and jobs. It has branches in 3 major localities- Marathahalli, M.G. Road and Kundanhalli. Suyash PG is next to a home with all the facilities one enjoys at home, like 24/7 Wi-fi facility, TV in each room, and freshly cooked pure vegetarian food, and hot water facility for the bath. Suyash PG offers several flexible options suiting according to the people’s need and budget.


Paying guest is a very lucrative business model but competing and staying ahead of counterparts is quite a difficult task. Suyash PG as a model was good on paper, but not many people were aware of it. Our challenge was to identify and invade the consumers and close the deal. They had 3 important locations but still were not occupied always.

Campaign objective

Drafting a digital marketing strategy to target the zone and platform where we could find the potential customers, and converting them, thereby increasing the inflow and targets to be covered.


We identified the target customers as students and office goers, who are glued to their mobiles. We cashed in by campaigning on WhatsApp, Facebook and email marketing. We furiously posted creatives and ads and reviews on these platforms.

We renovated their website by posting blogs, videos, and pictures for people to have the real view of the PG. We increased the traffic flow on the website with Google AdWords, Google campaign and SEO.

While the visitors, visited the website, we engaged and chatted with them to understand and guide them and thereby converting them into closing leads. We installed the chat support all days.


With a furious and tight campaign strategy, we were able to bring Suyash PG as one of the most sought out PG’s in Bangalore, with all 3 locations doing great business.