Shiamak Davar Dance


Shiamak Davar Dance


Introduction –

One of the top dance training classes in India. Shiamak Dance classes are available even in Bangalore. Classes are available for children and adults. Various dance styles have been taught by the experts in this academy. Throughout the year Many programs will be held and even workshops will be held in all the cities including Bangalore.

Challenge –

Though the academy is well-known throughout India. Shiamak Davar Dance Classes Bangalore was not able to spread across the target market with the right audience. It already had the good potential in India with high popularity.

Campaign Objective

We have designed a brand awareness campaign for the monsoon program to make it aware in all the social media platforms. Optimizing the campaign every day and marketing the dance classes and the offers.


We have planned the proper strategy to acquire more number of genuine leads to fill all the branches in Bangalore.

We Designed the campaign in a properly optimized way and creative for the campaign. we were able to successfully get 10-15 genuine leads per day. Also, we have provided the live chat support to engage with all the visitors to give proper details about the offer and locations and more.

We also sorted all the website errors which helped in improving their ranking in the google search.

Not only providing leads, but we were also responsible for the Online Reputation Management and providing weekly Post for social media platforms.


With our team smart work and proper strategy. we were able to generate the maximum number of leads. The client was Completely satisfied with our team and our services.