Sharan India is a very good platform for creating awareness towards a healthy lifestyle, promoting and supplying vegan products. They educated people to make small lifestyle changes with their recipe and ingredients for a long-lasting happy and healthy life.


Although Sharan India was a great programme and venture, it was not able to spread its wing across the target market. It had a lot of potentials, not only in India but across the world. The biggest challenge was to take this mission on the Global platform as well as capturing the Indian market.

Campaign Objective

When any business goes global, the digital marketing strategy also tends to be more focused and must incorporate various social media platforms accordingly. The website needed to be constantly upgraded with the latest programs, sessions, and classes, Sharan India were to be organizing and collecting all the data of people booking for the classes, which was not plain sailing but Titanic.

It was a strenuous and continuous work efforts, with our team giving an end to end business solution to them. From booking to arranging and payment.


Firstly, we created a Pan India aggressive campaign on all social media platforms like- YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing, creating awareness of vegan foods, recipes, and its health benefits.

We posted weekly journals for the upcoming events, to create awareness and encourage people to enroll in their programs, classes, and sessions.

We also did marketing for their vegan products and took orders and sold their products from their website.

We updated their website regularly, also added an enrolment and query form where people could engage and ask their queries.

We gave chat support and due to the extensive campaign and SEO page ranking, many people visited the website. Wherein we engaged people and converted them to potential leads.


With our planned campaign, we gave the client visibility across the global platform and good return on investment. They were happy with our efforts, as people worldwide were well versed with the name and work of Sharan India. They rose great popularity such that they opened a vegan restaurant in Bangalore going full house.