rs leagal



RAMNIWAS SURAJMAL, established in 2017, is a seasoned, well-qualified law firm dealing with providing legal assistance for Businesses, Corporate, Bank & DRT, Family and Personal laws and Criminal cases. It also facilitates services for Company and various other registration, property & Real Estate, and Intellectual Property Rights.


People who are in business already have set up with legal firms addressing their issues. These firms have their set of customers. Advertising was not known in this arena, as basically work ticked because of references. Creating a market for R S Legal was a challenge. But we were very positive and enthusiastic to invade the market.


We knew that we had to target both B2B and B2C customers, as their services were related to companies as well as individuals. We planned our strategy accordingly, identifying the target customers and implementing.

First, we created an informative website. The legal matters are such that not many people are acquainted with the know-how of it. People generally don’t come up until they are forced to. This mindset we tried to break with our simple blogs relating the laws and the way to use it best.

We incorporated chat service and dealt with customers answering their queries and converting them to potential leads.

The footfall on the website depends upon the SEO strategies, which we applied consistently and competently. We also had to check the strategies of the competitors and work ahead of them.

Social media platforms are one way to create brand awareness and tell people about your firm/business. So, we capitalized the social media platform, and posted creatives on Facebook, LinkedIn. Since we knew that the potential customers are to be found on these platforms.

We also incorporated Email marketing, which did work on this project, sending regular updates, news to keep the old customers informed and build a relationship with the new ones. Adding newsletter signup was also a hit tool to increase traffic and convert leads.


With our marketing strategies, R S Legal was recognized more as the law firm. People became aware of the company and came forward to take their services. They gained customer base and were happy with the footfall on their website, conversion and the increased profit graph