Introduction –

Muliya Jewellers specializes in Coorg traditional jewelry that has its own peculiar craze, specialty and significance. It is in demand not only in India but has global appeal also. They have shops in 4 cities in Karnataka- Puttur, Madikeri, Gonikoppal, and Bangalore. They are extremely talented in their craft and have exclusive and beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Challenge –

To create brand awareness of Coorg Jewelleries in India as well as on global platform.

 To bring in more people to shop as well as to the website to order jewelry.

 To increase sales.

We also knew that there were days and months when people did not purchase jewelry. And there are specific seasons when they are more eager to buy. Hence, we needed to plan our strategy accordingly, making up for no purchase days/months.

Solution –

We needed to capitalize the auspicious months and days of purchase to our full advantage. We had to take care of campaign around those time laced with offers and exclusive designs.

Firstly, it must be the website that was modified and made more people friendly. We put pics of Coorg jewelleries with their intricacies and the occasions they are worn. We also inculcated informative blogs for people who were not aware of Coorg Jewellery.

With the help of extensive SEO and SEM we brought good traffic on the website and capitalized on them by converting them into potential buyers. The chat support from Monday- Friday fielded queries of customers and collected data of their orders which was simultaneously diverted to Muliya Jewellers to fulfil it.

We can generate 5-10 leads per day which is a great achievement in a jewellery business.

We also campaigned on social media platform like Facebook, email marketing and Instagram. Customers are very impressed with the pics on Instagram and are quick to respond for purchase.

We have also pushed the offers and various EMI options on email and Facebook to attract customers to buy during auspicious days and months.

Conclusion –

With our furious and strategic Digital Marketing technique, we have been able to please our client with a good footfall in their all shops and an online request for jewelleries. They are our happy client rising steadily with good profit margin.