Introduction –

FIITJEE, as everyone knows this institute is one of the famous IIT JEE coaching institutes. These days coaching institutes are taking prime importance in the lives of students who want to pursue engineering as a career. It believes in catching the students and training them with comprehensive material and assist them to achieve their goals. FIITJEE has created a space for itself, where every student strives to get admission in the reining coaching institute.

Objective –

We started to work on FIITJEE, HSR, Bangalore. Here, the objective was to do the brand awareness and generate leads. The main agenda was to get more and more admissions done.

Campaign objective –

And, we finally achieved more than 3000 leads and generated with approximately more than 1000 admissions for this institution.

Solution –

Not only this, but we have also designed the website for FIITJEE, with the annual maintenance contract.

Along with the designing of the website, we also provided them with direct traffic as well as ranking which was possible through SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, to boost their visibility on Search Engines.

As mentioned, the earlier branch was in HSR, and now you can see 3 branches of FIITJEE.  This whole process led them to grow up from 1 branch to 3 branches and that too in a short span of 6 months.

For their brand awareness, we also supported them with postings in all the social media every week with a new creative posts, as well as for special occasions in between.

Conclusion –

With our consistent Digital Marketing strategies, we were able to bring subsequent change in their business sales graph and able to build their brand.