Introduction –


Fabdiz is an interior design company based in Bangalore. They specialize in both office and home interiors. They have an exclusive and time bound style that is most appreciative. They have a good team of enthusiastic and talented people who are one of the best in their field. They distinguish themselves from others by understanding the quintessential need for blending good design and execution with the great value of money and time.


Challenge –


Fabdiz is an interior design company based in Bangalore, with Bangalore being a hub of interior designers. Making competition was tough as most of them are using their killer ideas to get on top. Surviving and creating a brand and a place in the market was tough. They came to us to strategize their plan and secure their foot in the highly competitive arena.


Solution –


We had to plan differently and understand what is different and exclusive in Fabdiz. After identifying their qualities, we had to identify the customers and target our campaign, highlighting their specialties.


We created a very lucrative and interesting website, inclusive of pics of their latest work and blogs that talked about their work. The blogs and pics had to be interestingly placed to hold the customer’s attention once they visit the website.


This was accompanied by chat services and a thorough SEO & SEM campaign. People visited the website and with our chat support we were able to answer their query and convert them into potential leads


We then moved to the other effective social media platform like Facebook, Instagram to create Brand awareness. The human nature of getting hooked more to visuals was well implemented by us with posting beautiful work of Fabdiz on Instagram.


Conclusion –


Our campaign was successful in making Fabdiz popular among the interior designers. They got a good number of customers which was very meagre initially. With the customer flow, they got to show their talent and hook the customers. All this is good for Fabdiz business giving them good profit and a worthy return on investment.