Introduction –

CFO ANGLE is a financial advisory firm that helps and guide the company towards good financial strategies. The firm takes responsibility for all the financial story of the company from scripting, evolving, executing, and releasing. It considers all the details of the past and present records and accesses a map road to future. It analyses and finds keys to doors that may not have existed and steering the company towards better financial footing, within its budget and timeline, minimizing the risk, increasing cash flow, and growing the value of the business.

Challenge –

Being good is not enough. Any business to establish needs to be well known among the consumers. CFO Angle financial advisory was not reaching the proper audience effectively, especially in the field of Digital Marketing and hence approached us to create their brand and generate good quality leads.

 Solution –

As a digital marketing company, we aspire to show our clients where, how and who to advertise and what platforms will be more effective in increasing their brand value and business thereby avoiding wastage of time money and energy. We posted creative ads every week and on festivals to promote the brand.

It helped a lot to bring people to reach for service on their website. Once people visit the website we guide them to take the services by providing chat support. Our team chats with the customers and convert them in potential leads, averaging to 2-3 leads per day, going from Monday- Friday.

We also did the SWOT analysis and guided them towards the better output. We got them with providing Search Engine Optimization service. Through our informative content and blogs, and Search Engine Optimization. we got their website on top.

Conclusion –

With our marketing strategies and efforts, the company became a brand and was well searched on Google. A good number of traffic was seen on their website with converted leads and results. This obviously gave a boost to the company’s portfolio and the profit graph.