Bhadra group are passionate in delivering world class living space. This company is formed on the belief that is combined with deep rooted values, robust engineering, transparency and timely delivery to keep the customers happy. They are professionals in real estate business and also provide B2B services by providing quality living space. Bhadra Group has properties in various locations in Bangalore.


Although Bhadra Properties are located in top locations like MG road and Banashankari, they were unable to reach target audience.

Campaign Objective

Our main objective was to give “potential leads” to the client, Creating Digital marketing strategy to target the zone and particular platform. Thereby increasing the targets to be covered in required time where we could find the potential customers and converting them. Our main objective was to give the potential leads to the client.


We furiously started posting the creative and ads on all the social media platforms. We renovated their website by posting blogs, videos and pictures of their upcoming projects. We designed the Google Adwords and FB Campaign to get the genuine leads and promote the brand as well as new projects of Bhadra.

To drive the visitors in right direction and to accompany the visitors, a dedicated live chat support was given by our team.


Through digital marketing strategy, we have met all the expectations of the client.