Finding a digital marketing agency in Bangalore or in any city of India is not a difficult task anymore. Do a Google search and you will find a long list of digital marketing companies in almost every city, leave alone the metros.

But these google searches confuse us instead of helping us in finding the suitable agency for our needs. It’s not just Google, they can only show something that you asked for and you would generally ask for the best or top or number 1 agency, only to find that every digital agency is all of them – The Best, The Top and always Number 1!

I bet none of the top or the best or the number ones can help one of my clients decide whether Koramangala or Marathalli is better for his next real estate project in Bangalore.

Then the question always remains, how to find an agency that suits your need? Should you read some blogs or go through some recommended listings? Oh! You have done that already and even if you haven’t, take it from me, you will return even more confused.

If in this post we decided to just be another of those blog posts or listicles where we would do a simple Google search, run through some lists, pull out a few business cards and create a list of digital agencies in Bangalore and add to the madness already out there. But, I have decided to make this one different.

Steps Before You Begin Searching for an Agency

  1. Decide on your problem statement.

    Not all agencies are the best in everything they do. Decide which is/ are the pain-points for your business and find an agency that can solve your issue. The pain-points can be anything – social media, lead generation, SEO, Brand Awareness or anything else. The point is, do not join the herd and do something just because someone else did it.

  2. Understand your budget.
    Do you really want to waste your time on agencies which only work with huge brands? Or do you want somebody who values and understands your business? Bigger agencies have bigger rate cards and at times become unsustainable for businesses which aren’t as big. If you have the budget for it, run in the big leagues, if not, go for the agency that suits your needs and purchasing power.

  3. Estimate your time.
    Any digital marketing agency that you choose will have to have a day to day working relation with either you or your team. The work can either take a few minutes or hours depending upon the relationship and scope of the project. It’s better to have an estimate of daily hours you are willing to devote to the agency on working with them.

Questions to Ask The Agency While They Pitch

  1. What is their average ticket size for contracts?
    This should be around your budget only. If their average ticket size is way bigger than your budget, you will be a very small fish in their pond and most of the times, you won’t get the attention you deserve from them.

  2. Who are their clients in Bangalore?
    The agencies generally quote the biggest of their clients and always tend to downplay their smaller clients. You should make a point of not being blown away by words, rather, ask them painful and direct questions. Whether they have had clients from Bangalore, or clients with Bangalore specific businesses or clients trying to break into the Bangalore market and so on.

  3. What are their way of doing things?
    The digital sphere provides a few dark corners for hackers and black-hat tricksters to implement things which are not eithical. Make sure that you do not fall prey to one of thier get rich easy schemes because Google is like Truth, today, tomorrow or a few days later, you will be caught and you will be penalized.

The Deciding Factors

Before finalizing your digital agency in Bangalore, here is the final part of the checklist. If your agency says YES on all them, go ahead and hire them.

  1. Is their head office based in Bangalore?
  2. Does their majority of business comes from Bangalore?
  3. Will they be available for a weekly Face to Face meeting?
  4. Will they be transparent in sharing their techniques?
  5. Does revenue matter to them?
  6. Do they understand your business?

We hope that this helped. If you are looking at an agency who invests time to understand your business problems and invest says YES to all the above question, get in touch with us and kick the confusion away.