Where Does PR Fit Into The Marketing Funnel?

Where does PR fit into the marketing funnel. It seems pretty straight forward, right? PR helps you increase awareness, or GET FOUND (see Inbound PR infographic), by generating leads through earned media (press hits, analyst reports…),owned media (website/blog content…) and social media (Twitter, LinkedIn…); and therefore, PR comes in at the TOP of the funnel.

inbound pr fits marketing funnel

Well, the reality is this analysis only scratches the surface (pun intended). PR also comes in at the very bottom of the funnel — after sales. At the bottom, the goal of an Inbound PR pro is to “convert” sales into genuine advocates. Those success stories, testimonials and case studies will then get dropped right back into the top of the funnel so your company can get found by those prospects just waiting for this kind of validation. It’s a virtuous cycle!

Jeff Hoffman says,“Media is interested in one thing: the effect of your product.The lives that have been changed or made better by your company and your product.” He goes on to say…

While the release of your new product is not interesting, the fact that someone achieved something new or notable, that’s a story. And if you and your product just happened to be the tool someone used to get there, you indirectly become part of the story, and you’re the hero.

A top-down and a bottom-up approach, a good PR program will ensure all your press, analysts, leads, partners and investors, hear about how you are changing people’s lives for the better — because at the end of the day, that’s what they most care about.

E-Mail MarIs Email Dead? Not Possibly So!

Internet marketing is all about social media now, some would say. Some would say that today, to build presence, you only need Facebook or Twitter. Even Twitter is now considered the biggest source of customer support wherever needed.

But that’s not all there is to it with emails. You won’t believe the amount of activity emails still get. Here’s a good info-graphic from a company that knows what it’s talking about.


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