Digital Marketing Is A Need Not A Choice For Building Up A Brand

Gone are the days when services or products were marketed through Print media or by advertising on Television. Now, the market has been hijacked by Digital Marketing.

“Digital Marketing is a need not a choice for building up a brand.”

As the term “Digital Marketing” itself means expressing the data through combination of only 0’s and 1’s. So, none of the marketer can take the risk of using combination of some other digits like 2’s and 3’s to become 2’s or 3’s choice of customer.

Happy to recognize the reason why only 0 and 1 was used to develop computer!

There were days when businesses were monopolized to earn huge profits and changing needs of customer was not a concern. With evolution and the cut throat competition; perspective of businessman has changed.Now they want to be identified with good brand name which can cater the changing needs of customer and reach out to the maximum people. To accomplish this goal brands have to understand the customers’ mindset which is possible only through two way communication.

With evolving technology many new channels of communication have come up like search, display, email, social media- Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and if they like it then they search about it in detail. Brands have to follow integrated approach in marketing their product online through all channels and this approach is called as Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing doesn’t only means honking about the brand products or services on each platform. But it means grabbing the customer’s attention within 3 sec through visuals so that Brands can highlight why theyare point one (.1) percent better than its’ competitors’.

In this article I am going to pen-down the 4 benefits of Digital Marketing for establishing business and how maximum ROI is generated through it.

  1. Brand Development through SEO – An optimized website follows the W3C standards which makes it technically sound and appears in organic search with quality content catering the needs and adding benefit to your target audience. This improves customer engagement and lead generation opportunities which can be easily tracked through Google Analytics. SEO provides quantitative as well as traceable result.
  2. Reduced Cost – Your business can develop its online marketing strategy for very little cost and can potentially replace costly advertising channels such as television, newspapers, radio, and magazine. Digital Marketing agencies provide free of cost consultation and business plan. The success of the business plan could be tested through one month trial pack with minimal features enabled.
  3. Digital Branding based on psychology of customers – Digital Branding does not mean only knowing to operate software. But it means developing the unique visual aids which represents the brand value. This visual campaign is prepared by the visual communication specialist. They are experts in understanding the customer psychology and that is why they can select the right color, font, icons, and shapes, design of logo and website and space for content which can grab customer attention. They are experts in utilizing the attention span to impress customers.
  4. Brand Awareness – Creating the brand awareness through social media like Facebook and Instagram. Post quality content that can create Buzz on social media.All these benefits of Digital Marketing can be understood through an example of Fidget spinner.

Earlier people used to fidget with anything which released their stress. Nobody thought of catering the changing need.

Chinease thought of catering the changing need and launched it into a product. They advertised it on Social media creating Buzz about it. Then they approached to the re-sellers of other countries through PPC campaign so that it can be supplied in bulk.

This is how we can see how Digital Marketing is a need and not a choice. Even a small business was able to establish itself and received ROI benefits through digital marketing.

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