2017 has been a breakthrough year with the achievements of AlphaZero, moving into a machine created Intelligence. Alexa was added to our repository of Siri, Cortana, making a beginning in AI assistants age. Huge amount of funding is going in AI research. It becomes the main narrative of future from sentiments, to predictions to autonomous weapons. The entire trajectory of our existence may just be fundamentally changed. A change beyond recognition, in amazing & positive ways. Full-scale implementation is on way! 2018 leads to its further consolidation.

With IoT & other data generated in a routine manner, Data-Driven Machines, would be a reality. AI isn’t just a nice-to-have in 2018; it’s a must-have. The data would be well beyond humans to manage. ”Insights-as-a-Service” will begin in 2018. Forrester claims that at 80% of the companies will use it at differential levels. More Human-like Help, is on the cards. It is estimated that 85% customer interactions would be AI handled by 2020. The power of conversational AI chatbots & other virtual assistants will literally take over the day-to-day flow of work. Natural language processing improvements will help improve Conversational AI. Siri might converse as good.

AI propelled Smart Automation, would pace up affecting every sector. The more the data & its complexity, more precise, personalised, effective solutions can be devised by AI. Educational Robots, are on the cards. What would be the transformational change in parent – child – teacher ecosystem is very difficult to predict. Emotion AI will increase our humanity & empathy as AI assistants would not tolerate inhuman behaviour.

Cyber Security, both defence & offence would be machine learning & AI driven. Autonomous weapons systems will make further headway. Stock Exchanges are already in the AI propelled . We will move from spell check to bias check, all the AI way. AI enabled operating system is on the cards.

Sanjay Sahay – IPS
Wishing you a Happy New Year.