5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Grow Business – 2019

“Rolling stone catches no moss”, the ever-famous line rings true for businesses. We need to keep moving and shape our stone or Business such that it keeps rolling. There are many things, which help shape the stone and are required to provide enough push, for to it to keep rolling. Change in a year is a good time to take stock of previous year strategy, add some new ideas and eliminate the non-performing ones. Let us see how or what are the means that can help your business grow in 2019.

Before going into details, we must state that every plan or tool needs to be suited to your business, a trend that is extremely famous may not be the best fit for your business. So, you must analyze plan in relation to your business.

  1. Mobile-point of convergence

Whether you are commuting, are at your workplace/home or anywhere, you are hooked to your mobile. Everything is seen and accessible on mobile. People no longer reach for other devices like desktop, tablet etc. Thus, to reach out to your potential customers, your business must be mobile-friendly, accessible to mobile users.

With almost omnipresent internet accessibility, people can use smartphones, anywhere and everywhere. It is neither time-bound nor space bound. With a smartphone, your business is moving and is available 24/7. Hence, your marketing must also be seen and be available on mobile.

Whether they need to transfer money or book tickets or avail any service, everything is mobile oriented. In today’s service industry you need to keep pace with the mobile. Your website and your marketing strategies should be open and be clearly visible and audible on mobile.

  1. Live videos

Video marketing has surpassed all other marketing tools as people are more hooked to videos than any other form of content. Whether it is YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform, videos are the prime engagement of the consumers. YouTube the biggest host of videos is being estimated of being watched for average18 hours per visitors. One can imagine the number of audiences one can reach.

But what has surpassed videos is live show videos. People are glued to live events. As all the social media platform has access to present live videos, they are becoming a rage, accumulating innumerable visitors in the process.

Business is hosting live shows and interacting with people, in the same way as webinars. You can host live videos with content that people relate to and wish to see. Selection of content is important, as good content can drive good traffic and conversion.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Can’t ignore AI, can you? where everything is dependent and more simplified with the application of AI, can you sit back without implementing it in your marketing? AI tools can save so much of your time as well as give you results that can help speed your strategies. They can help-

  • Identify the source of your traffic
  • Audit your strategies
  • Can divert your customers to specifics you want them to see
  • Can also tell you about your customer behavior
  • And based on that can help you employ and manifest your strategies

Digital marketing cannot be imagined without AI. As digital marketing is 24/7 and across a vast audience, its difficult to take all into account manually. See, how the use of chatbot is helping engage customers and then diverting them into converting potential leads. People can come at any hour since there is no closing hour in digital marketing. And it is simply impossible to be available manually all the time, and of course, you would not like to even miss one customer despite the unearthly hour.

Chatbot marketing will rule the year, with a Facebook chatbot on top. Facebook chatbot capitalizes the Facebook messenger, which has more than 2 billion users, to gather feedback and substantial information. These then can guide one to the buyer’s route where you propose your product and offers.

  1. Voice search

With google installing voice search, more people will opt for voice search. It has already been established that 1/5 of the inquiries are voice searches, supported by a mobile personal assistant. It’s easy and people tending to be lazy adopt means that involves minimum moves.

So, the dynamics of a search engine will change. The keywords that were related to content search will become more voice search oriented, with more in question form like what, who, where, etc. The content and listing of your business will need to be more specific and categorized.

Google will also bring about algorithm related to voice search. Writing and speaking are different, and what people write differs from what people say. So, you must concentrate on what your customers are likely to speak to search and make your content more conversational such that it easily relates to the voice search.

Voice search is supported by rich snippets. So now you need to work on snippets that can improve your CTR also.

  1. Social media platform

Digital marketing cannot do without social media platform, which even the social media platform has realized and are hence promoting more paid ads than the organic ones. So, what should you do? Should you stray away from social media? Surely not, since it’s an impossible thought. What one can do…is choose wisely.

It is a natural trend of highs and lows among the social media platform. Facebook was ruling for a long time, now, its superseded by Instagram. So, my point here is depending upon your business and the popularity of the platform you must invest and make the optimum use of it. Since you are spending money, why not get the most ROI.

Storytelling is the new trend that is catching up on all the social media platforms. A short, authentic and interesting story is being lapped up by audiences. For B2b businesses, LinkedIn supports videos of people talking about their businesses that immediately resonates with other businesses. For B2B storytelling on LinkedIn and Twitter is almost a hit.

You can incorporate influencer marketing, again depending upon your product. Recently a car advertisement was a huge hit It had a simple story of a soldier and a normal Indian citizen. In another successful example, we saw a series of celebrities, the influencers, roped in to support Flipkart.

You can’t be left behind because of Augmented and Virtual reality. It’s the technology some times to come. It enhances your marketing efforts as it’s becoming very trending and successful.

Targeting Gen Z – the new mobile users of the generation needs to be done well. They can emerge as a bigger consumer force. They are always on their toes with less patience and immediate shift in interest. They are inevitably a driven consumer to be tapped, who can change the dynamics of your sale.

You must plan best for your business keeping in mind your previous year performance and implementing the new plans.

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