4 Effective Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

4 effective ways to increase organic traffic

Before we go into the methods and means, let us discuss organic and paid traffic. As we are aware, the organic traffic is the natural traffic that comes to your website and paid traffic is based on clicks on advertisement that were paid for. Research shows that organic search can propagate more than 80% clicks as compared to paid search that can amount to less than 20%.

In fact, paid search just enhances the organic search and will not stand good without the back-stage work done for organic traffic. So, now you would like to know how and what is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is

  • The movement that shows from search engines like- Yahoo, Bing and Google.
  • Completely based and connected with SEO- search engine optimization
  • The usage of competent and unique keywords, by businesses, drives the organic search upwards.
  • The success of high organic traffic is long enduring discipline, and not a short-cut easy process.

The big question every business struggles with and looks for an answer is – ‘How can people find me and not my competitor, when they search for my service / product?’ you can find the answer here.

  1. Always think from the buyers’ perspective/viewpoint

When you want to communicate with your customers, first put yourself in their shoes and think. What they are looking for? What will motivate them to your site? So, once you can answer these questions you will be able to relate better. There will be an impromptu development of bonding with visitors.

Focussing on the right keywords used for searching will improve your SEO and you can compliment it with unique and long keywords that the visitors usually use when searching. Your blogs and content that you are posting must be in an easy and simple language that both your visitors as well as search engine can comprehend.

You can then use the keywords on your website on Homepage, header, tags, meta-description and URL pages. But mind you, don’t overdo it. Your URL, meta-description and title are basically the main constituent to optimize your webpage or blog post.

  1. Create links

You must be knowing how internal links creates a navigation or path to other pages or parts of your website. Your website has many pages and articles, there should be a proper and logical way to move to each. Google also finds your content and its value with the internal links. By pursuing the link Google can derive a connection between your webpage, blogs and relate or show when it is being searched.

In simpler words strong internal link-

  • Promotes the indexation of your site.
  • Escalates the power of the site to internal pages, usually the homepage has the maximum link value, which is spread to other pages. This means that when you post a new blog it will get more link value if it is tagged with homepage.
  • It adds value to the user, by making it easy for them to navigate and reach the desired topic.

Back links/inbound links are in simple words reference from others. Like in old times people would refer a sweet shop to their friends and the friend may visit the shop. So, what happens? The sweet shop receives visitor, which converts into a buyer or even a regular. Same thing happens in digital marketing.

Backlinks are referencing that other websites diverts to your website. An appropriate or suitable backlink can-

  • Can bring visitors to your site
  • Can elevate you in search ranking

Here we can dwell more on appropriate backlink as when your website is referred in general, Google may not notice, but if it is referred to say in case of sweet shop by sweet specialist blogger, it will immediately be noticed by Google and will be listed high.

No harm in linking to your content, from your personal page. And why not? You can also promote your content and website, by linking from your Facebook, twitter account.


  1. Social media

Can you afford to ignore social media? Social media is a great platform to promote your brand/business. SEO and social media work together to drive organic traffic to your website. Whenever you publish a new content you share it on social media. The expanse and wide reach of social media is amazing. If your content is good, it will be shared and liked by people. Sharing and liking will increase your bandwidth and brand awareness.

Treat your content differently with each social media platform. each social media platform has its specific quality, which you should leverage to you benefit. The content gets different treatment, and hence you must present your content on the strength of the platform.

Like twitter likes short and quick messages, while Instagram is full of images. You can create content that suits the platform.

While the platform of social media is very vast and extensive you may not require utilizing all. Depending upon your business, you must select which is suitable for your brand and optimize it.

Create a curiosity or inquisitiveness among the viewers such, that they are compelled to read/watch/share/click to your link. Do create a neat space for like/share/click/CTA on your post.

Using of hashtags has become a common way to find your content. Unique and trending hashtags that can relate to your brand can be a good move.

You can introduce contests and encourage people you join it. People love the idea of contest and live programs. You can create forms that they need to fill and click on your link. This can bring great traffic to your website.

Likewise, you can create lead magnet on social media. You can offer free courses or programs that visitors can take, which will lead to your website, once they enrol for it.

  1. Videos/infographics

Content can be in any form, whether in text, image, infographics, videos. What holds your attention more? Obviously, the content that you can see and enjoy. Visuals have greater impact on people’s mind and is there for a longer period. You must make use of this human ability for retention. You can incorporate pics, infographics or a small length video with your written content.

You can make a short video about your service or product and launch it on YouTube. We all know the strength of YouTube viewing. You can make use of an influencer in your script, which has a distinct appeal and impact.

You can also make a video of you talking to your potential visitors about your program and product, this is especially useful in B2B businesses on LinkedIn platform. they appreciate and promote such videos.

Don’t miss on live videos, which are a trendy and most sought out. Live shows hosted by businesses are a good way of interacting with people and getting instant gratification. But for all, selection of content is an important criterion.

Signing off with a quotation-“ Marketing is not about the stuffs you make, but about the stories you tell”.

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